Saris's Valyrian Steel Blade


Name: Shadowkiller
Description: A longsword with a flat guard. The metal is a very dark blue at the base, but brightens steadily toward the tip. A number of runes in an obscure dialect of old valyrian are inscribed upon the blade.
Current Wielder: Saris Shroud
Known Previous Wielders: Whitebeard

A blade taken from the pirate Whitebeard by Saris Shroud when she burned his ship. When she returned to Greyfalls she attempted to have the blade identified, but maesters and smiths have disagreed about which blade the sword could be.
Maester Simon of Grayfalls identified the sword as Blackfyre, sword of the early Targaryen Kings. Most of her other sources declared him in error. The Maester of Storm’s End declared the blade to be Dark Sister. It has also been identified as Water Dancer, Sinner’s Bane, Winterdeath, and Two Moons. Grand Maester Pycelle decreed that the blade had never been in Westeros before. Saris has begun to conclude he is probably right.

She named the blade Shadowkiller when it slew a shadow spawn assassin.

Saris's Valyrian Steel Blade

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