Renly the 1st's Small Council

Renly Baratheon, as a method of making his government more fair and giving nobles a reason to support him as opposed to the more legitimate heir, Stannis, made significant alterations to the Small Council system, which created many more offices and gave powerful Lords much more power.

The topmost council, called the Small Council or the King’s Council, are the innermost circle of the government. They report directly to the King and his Hand. The positions are:

  • The Master of Laws, who advises the King on matters of justice and security at home.
  • The Master of War, who advises the King on matters of war.
  • The Master of Whisperers, who advises the King on intelligence, local and foreign.
  • The Master of Coin, who advises the King on matters of money.

The King also attends and presides over all of these meetings, and his Hand is expected to attend. The Queen is allowed to attend, those she rarely does, and the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard is also attends to protect the King, but does not participate unless directed.


Each position on the King’s Council presides over a council of his own, normally of three to five members. These secondary council members, known as Ministers, serve as advisors to the Masters and can represent the Master at the King’s Council, if the Master is indisposed. These meetings are considered private and the King does not attend them, allowing his Masters to take the information and filter it as he sees fit. The Master can add or remove Ministers at his choice.

  • The Council of Laws contains these offices: the Minister of the Guard, who oversees the guard forces of the realm; the Minister of the Court, who oversees the courts of justice; the Minister of the Hunt, who hunts down fugitives; and the High Septon, who is charge of the religious aspects.
  • The Council of War contains these offices: the Minister of Ships, who oversees the navy; the Minister of Swords, who oversees the soldiers; the Minister of Siege, who oversees the artillery aspects; and the Minister of Chivalry, who keeps track of the knights and their heraldry.
  • The Council of Whisperers contains these offices: the Minister of Opinion, who regulates public opinion; the Minister of Secrets, who serves as spymaster; the Minister of Lies, who oversees propaganda; and the Grand Maester, who serves as a lore expert.
  • The Council of Coin contains these offices: the Minister of the Forge, who oversees the creation of goods; the Minister of Tourney, who oversees tournaments and other forms of entertainment; the Minister of Trade, who governs imports and exports; and the Lord Treasurer, who in charge of keeping the treasury stocked.

The main role of the Hand of the King, in Renly’s system of councils, is to oversee the council system. He is the only person allowed, and expected, to attend every council meeting and is supposed to privately advise the King if any of his Masters or Ministers is misrepresenting his field or inadequately performing his duties. He is allowed to participate in the meetings, but is encouraged not to. He is allowed one officer: a Secretarius, to help him record his findings, but that officer is not normally allowed to participate in the meetings.

In total, this creates 22 offices; 20 of which are vied and competed for by Renly’s noble class (only the Grand Maester and the High Septon are automatically appointed). These positions are directly appointed by the King, though he often chooses 2 or 3 appointees and then holds elections-by-applause for them during his feasts.

Current Councilors
(Council of War and Coin may be changed by the PCs if they desire.)

The Hand of the King: Hagen Matteson
Secretarius: Saline Storm.

Master of Laws: Ser Nero Corax.
Master of War: Ser Edmund Matteson
Master of Whisperers: Lord Guy.
Master of Coin: Saris Shroud

Minister of the Guard: Ser Ansgar Thane.
Minister of the Court: Willas Tyrell.
Minister of the Hunt: Killian Noire.
High Septon: Rene Kumo.

Minister of Chivalry: Ser Hector Corax.
Minister of Soldiers: Ser Pierre Storm.
Minister of the Siege: Gideon Bagheera.
Minister of Ships: Ser Felar Anzo.

Minister of Opinion: VACANT.
Minister of Lies: Nathaniel Lux.
Minister of Wanderers: Robert Bannatyne.
Grand Maester: Adric Lux.

Minister of the Forge: Marius Blood-Ghannam.
Minister of Trade: Matthew Crawley.
Minister of Prospects: VACANT.
Lord Treasurer: Algrim Kumo.

Renly the 1st's Small Council

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