House Shroud


Liege Lord: Lord Renly Baratheon of Storm’s End
Seat: Black Tower
Colors: White and Grey
Sigil: Grey Grinning Shark’s teeth on a white field, a single drop of blood drips from the Shark’s teeth.
Words: “Our will be done”
Age: 138 years old.

Vassal Houses: Brownel, Hippolyta.

House Shroud rules the city of Grayfalls and the surrounding countryside.

House Shroud is known for being one of the the richest of the Stormland Houses and for its navy.
Primary Exports: Dye
Primary Imports: Textiles
Grayfalls: is known for its shipwrights, carpenters, it’s position as a trading city, and the host of insects that thrive in the tropical climate. Grayfalls has historically been frowned upon by the High Septons as numerous foreign deities and religions have a strong presence here.


House Shroud

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