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  • Saris Shroud

    *Generation 1* Saris Shroud is known among the nobility for her golden eyes and for being a swordswoman. There has been a recent scandal involving Samwell Tarly, supposedly he was arranged to marry Saris but chose to instead take the black and rode …

  • Thorin Dinar

    Thorin Dinar is born to a nation of monied men. His bedroom, from the time he was born, was cloaked in gold and trimmed in the finest jewels. But, while everyone around him, his parents, his grandparents, saw beauty in all of the excess, Thorin saw waste. …

  • Balin Storm

    A jolly, amusing old man who is deeply grateful and enjoys his station in life. A capable warrior, but a better soldier, he is a capable general and mentor to Thorin Dinar. He is very fond of his family, especially Thorin, despite their flaws and his …

  • Dravilia Dinar

    Dravilia was mauled by a hunting cat when she was a young girl. She has grown into a solemn, bitter, and perhaps even a touch cruel woman. She is talented and well learned, especially in matters of law and history; she recently traveled to Storm's End …

  • Natalya Dinar

    Natalya is a flamboyant and cheerful girl. She's as subtle as an earthquake, but is quick to laugh and enthusiastic in her outlook. She took to riding and soldiering early. Her armor is notably impractical with exaggerated effeminate features; such …

  • Athna Dinar

    a semi-spoiled daddy's girl, gets along well with saris but prefers to go to her father first. She is a bit snooty in her attitude, having her mother's snark but is much more polite and charismatic than her mother

  • Stelia Dinar

    Stelia looks up to her elder siblings, but often feels unequal to them. Many claim she has a similar demeanor to her mother. While most of her family grew up in the Golden Gate, Stelia spent long years living with her mother.

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