Ser Varian Stormwind, the Thunderer

Master Swordsman and Heir of House Stormwind


First born heir to Anduin Stormwind and Tiffin Hightower. Varian is a tall man, with a height around 2 meters flat, well built, toned muscles, slightly tan skin, brown long hair tied in a ponytail that isn’t kept, a 5 o’clock shadow, his 2 most notable; features are his blue-grey stormy eyes, something that every Stormwind male has, and his cross-shaped scar. One going across his nose, starting at the edge of one eye and going to the other, about an inch under his eyes. The other is down the middle of his left eye, starting above his eyebrow and ending at his left cheek.

He was executed for the crime of treason for his role in the Agros Rebellion. At Varian’s request, his brother Reinhardt performed the deed.


Ever since he was a little boy, Varian has been the soldier. When he first picked up his father’s sword, he knew that he was destined to be a knight. As he grew and honed his skills, Varian would charge into any fight he had with a thunderous yell that could be hear from far away, even when in a crowded arena, everyone knew he was there. At the Tournament of the Hand, Varian came in first place in the melee, besting 111 fighters, one of them including Gregor Clegane, better known as the Mountain. From then on, many people has heard of Varian Stormwind, the Thunderer. Clad in his blue-golden armor, with lightning streaks covering the armor, Varian now takes up the call of banners set forth by Renly Baratheon.

Now is the time for the Thunderer to expand his Legend.

Now is the time to bring down the Thunder!

Ser Varian Stormwind, the Thunderer

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