Stelia Dinar


Born: 309

Family: The fourth daughter of Thorin Dinar and Saris Shroud. Her elder siblings are Athna, Dravilia, Natalya, Thorgrin, Fili, and Kili. Her younger sister is Belana.

Lineage: Her Great Great Grandfather was Lord Baratheon (Great Grandfather of Robert, Stannis, and Renly), Her uncle is Lord Silas Shroud. Like all Dinars she is a descendant of the line of Durin.

Stelia has her mothers golden eyes, and long dark hair. She is petite for her age, and the maesters believe she will never top 5’3.


Stelia looks up to her elder siblings, but often feels unequal to them. Many claim she has a similar demeanor to her mother.

While most of her family grew up in the Golden Gate, Stelia spent long years living with her mother.

Stelia Dinar

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