Kili Dinar, the Battleborn

the Battleborn, 3rd son


Lady Saris Shroud’s mount was slain by a ballista bolt, the shock from the attack and the fall from her horse sending her into labor. Apparently she’d been hiding the pregnancy for some months and even her guards were unaware. She gave birth to Fili and Kile Battleborn not two hundred yards from the battleline. … – Lester Matteson, the Blackadder War

Born: 306
Description: 5’5", Lankier and taller than his twin Ser Fili Dinar, the Battleborn. He has longer hair than his brothers and dark eyes.

He is considered the younger twin, and is third in line after his brothers Thorgrin and Fili.


Kili is the most outgoing and hotheaded of his brothers and tends to jump into situations headfirst. He’s also the most forward with the ladies.

Like his elder brother Thorgrin, he prefers a bow to a sword.

Kili Dinar, the Battleborn

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