Ser Kaegren Agros

Second son of House Agros, Lord Marshall of House Agros, Defender of the Valley Forge


Age: 19, born 279
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 180 lbs
Build: Athletic
Appearance: Brown hair with streaks of red, green eyes with golden flecks, and a slight olive complexion. Prefers to wear light armor beneath a long coat, cloak, or cape. Will only wear heavy armor into battle. Is never without a sword and dagger. From time to time, he has been known to have a falcon on his arm.

Kaegren Agros was instrumental in the Agros Rebellion and he started the whole event when he killed Ser Vladimir Aquila, the Black Duke. He was tried and found guilty for his crimes and was locked up in the newly built Traitor’s Tower, named for him, until the time he will taken to the Wall.


Second son of House Agros, born unto Lord Kraegor and Lady Karliah, Ser Kaegren Agros is the Lord Marshall of House Agros charged with the command of House Agros’ military forces. As is tradition, the second son of House Agros is given the duty of securing the throne for their older sibling. This is to ensure the Lord of House Agros can see to the houses growth.

Ser Kaegren has always taken this duty seriously and has undergone extensive study and training in the ways of warfare. Considered amongst his peers as an amazing tactician and strategist, there are very few men who would question his judgement on a war council. While still young and untested in large scale campaigns, he is well respected by his men and those people who know him best. Aside from a possesing a keen mind, Kaegren is well on his way to becoming a superb knight in his own right. Strong in the arm, quick on his feet, and sharp in the eye, Kaegren is not to be underestimated on the battlefield. Even his older brothers must admit his prowess.

Most impressive is his devotion to family. Lord and Lady Agros have always put family first among their children and insisted they rely on each other. Though Ser Kaegren’s older brother Kavron is the house heir, they have always respected each other and have come to appreciate the weight of their duties. Ser Kaegren has two other siblings, born into bastardry when his father fell in love with a rival nobles daughter who died during child birth. The pair were born as twins and are several years older than Kavron and Kaegren. While Kager and Karon have no delusions regarding their origins Lord and Lady Agros have treated them no different than their other children, and have undergone numerous attempts to have them legitimized. Kager has become House Agros’ most reliable soldier and medicant, while Karon their most promising steward and historian.

Kavron and Kaegren both serve the call to Renly’s banner in the hopes of gaining legitimacy for their houses bastards. This includes Kaegren’s infant son, Kanyon. Kragon’s mother was the wife of another noble. She sought comfort in a young and inexperienced Kaegren. After only a month the Lady was blessed with child. Shortly after Kanyon’s birth his mother succumbed to fever. Ever since that fateful morning Kanyon has been cared for by his Aunt Karon.

Ser Kaegren Agros

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