Sabine of Valley Forge

A not so simple Washerwoman


Born: 300 (Gen 2: 23)
Description: Sabine is tall, roughly 5’10", with blue eyes, and a peasants tan. While a peasant would call her her pretty most nobles find her unkempt and unattractive. She’s the kind of skinny that is no stranger to hunger, with hands that are rough from a lifetime of work, and often sports dirt and grime from infrequent baths that leaves her lacking compared to the softer and more pampered noblewomen.


Born in Valley forge in the winter of the Agros Rebellion. Sabine is the daughter of a river fisherman. Her family largely avoided the worst of the rebellion, but suffered heavily under the red pox.
In 316, her foot became tangled in a rope and she fell into the water, likely to drown if the Red Knight hadn’t strode into the river and pulled her free. Seeing a chance for adventure she left with him, and has been his servant ever since. She washes clothes, cooks, sews, polishes armor, takes care of the horse… all the little details that often slip passed the Red Knight.

Sabine of Valley Forge

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