Cate Storm


Height: 5’3", she has the Shroud straight dark hair, and green eyes.
Born: 282

The daughter of Trevar Shroud and former house maid Nina. Her natural born siblings are Saris, Selene, and Silas Shroud on her father’s side. Her natural born siblings are her twin sister Errin and her younger brother Anthony on her mother’s side. Her base born siblings are Elsa, and Trevar Storm on her father’s side.

She married Malcolm of Grayfalls and now lives upon his ship.


The lady’s maid, squire, and personal assistant to Saris Shroud.

Her mother was ordered to leave the Black Tower after her incident with Lord Trevar Shroud. She ended up marrying a baker’s apprentice named Anthony.

Year 289 was a lean year in Grayfalls during Balon Greyjoy’s rebellion. Cate and Errin were given to the castle when their parents were in dire financial straights. Cate often visits her mother in town.

Cate Storm

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