Renly Baratheon's Game of Thrones

September 5th, 298 Saris

Little Thundercloud,

It’s been a busy week. I’m not sure where to start. Cousin Stannis sent an ambassador, Davos Seaworth, and an adviser a red priest Melisandre, I think her name was. Horrible woman, though I suppose some men may find her easy on the eyes. Still, a vile woman. She was arrogant, uncouth, and screeched like a delusional harpy. I didn’t mind Davos Seaworth so much, some might have described him as prickly, but I think he was just nervous. Selene was there, apparently she’s now engaged to Steffon Seaworth. Quite a gamble that match, If Stannis wins the Seaworths will be quite powerful, but if he doesn’t… Be a good boy and share that bit of news with father and my mother if they haven’t heard yet. Steffon seems a nice enough fellow, but we only got to speak a few moments.

They offered a temporary truce if cousin Renly would surrender Edric Storm. I don’t know exactly why they wanted him, but Cousin Renly wisely turned them down, causing the Red Woman to break into wild hysterics, shouting and throwing a tantrum like a small child. Truly I don’t know why cousin Stannis tolerates her.

In other news, I finally have a name for my sword, Shadowkiller, a fanciful name I know, but there’s a good story to it. Perhaps, when you arrive at camp I’ll tell it, or even better I’ll have one of the knights who were there recount it for you.



Edmund: 3xp

Kaegren: 4XP, Botch Award! Conversation botch, implied a prolongued homosexual relationship with Nathaniel Lux.

Saris: 4XP, Roleplay! Named her sword, Shadowkiller.

Varion: 3XP

September 5th, 298 Saris

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