Renly Baratheon's Game of Thrones

Everyone's arrived

Dear Diary,
I can’t begin to describe how excited I am. The entire family is together in one place. It was a hassle clearing enough room from the Diamond Tower to fit the whole family, but I was able to get almost everything I needed, and get a small estate for Thorgrin. It’s important for him to pick up some practical noble independence and get a small taste of the tasks he’ll be expected to perform when he’s the Lord of the Goldengate.

Originally I planned to put Athna, in the tower with me and the girls but Thorin wanted her in the House with her brother. He is completely wrong but I can tell when he’s going to put his foot down about something so I let him have his way. He was also, completely irrational, about the expense of the House. Hopefully letting him throw his weight around will let him feel like the man of the House so we can get back to business as usual.

Right now Dravilia, Natalya, and Stelia and I are staying in the tower proper, with Belana and Balin’s girl in the nursery. Though the girl will be moving to the Estate soon, Athna needs to show some responsibility for her own charge and not dump the poor girl in my lap.

Ser Fili, still giddy every time I say it, Ser Fili, Ser Fili, Ser Fili… yes, still giddy. Ser Fili and Kili are staying in rooms at the keep. At 10 and six its about time they get at least the illusion of independence. It’ll be good for them to spend time without Thorin and I looming over their shoulders.

Thorin, Thorgrin and Athna are at the Estate. Well actually Thorin will mostly be staying with me, but I insisted he keep a separate room for appearances sake. He thinks it’s pointless ceremony. He tried sweet talking me out of it, even tried using logic. “Saris, we have eight kids, people know I’m using your bed. All the time.” He doesn’t understand how important it is, but he grudgingly let me have my way. Knew it was a good idea to back down on Athna in the estate. I’m not sure Thorgrin will be able to do the necessary management of Athna, but time will tell.

The Blackadders have arrived at Storm’s End as well. Edmund and Gabrielle even brought their son Cullen with them. Good I have plans for the boy, and it’ll be nice to have him on hand.

Curse that wretched, scheming Little Lord Guy, He showed up at the estate and gathered Thorgrin and Athna into one of his little plots. I would have guessed his involvement anyway, but thankfully Athna gave the game away. He’s gone too far involving my children without even consulting me. I will get to the bottom of this.


12/5 Session,
Everyone 3 XP

Everyone's arrived

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