Whispering Woods

“The realm has not seen such a victory since the Field of Fire. I vow, the Lannisters lost_ten men for every one of ours that fell.” Theon Greyjoy

“Some tried to flee, but we’d pinched the valley shut at both ends, and we rode out of the darkness with sword and lance. The Lannisters must have thought the Others themselves were on them” Theon Greyjoy

“Ser Jaime taken, the siege broken … this is a catastrophe!” Harys Swift

“He defeated my uncle Jaime. My mother says it was treachery and deceit. She wept when she heard.” Joffery Baratheon

Sides: House Stark vs House Baratheon of King’s Landing

House Stark
General: Robb Stark
Notable Commanders: Bryden Tully
Force: Roughly 6,000 Northmen and Rivermen, Nearly all cavalry
Notable Houses: House Stark, House Frey, House Hornwood, House Karstark, House Mallister, House Mormont, House Umber

House Lannister
General: Jaime Lannister
Force: Roughly 2,000, nearly all cavalry
Notable Houses: House Lannister, House Banefort, House Westerling

Result: A Crushing Defeat for House Lannister that allowed the Starks to relieve the Siege of Riverrun, and fully join their forces to those of the Riverlands. Having Jaime Lannister as a hostage, and recognizing his value as a prisoner, the Starks gained enormous bargaining power.

House Lannister: Entire force killed or captured
Jaime Lannister (Captured), Tytos Brax (Captured), Willem Lannister (Captured), Quentin Banefort (Captured), Gawen Westerling (Captured)

House Stark: roughly 200 men killed
Eddard Karstark, Torrhen Karstark, Daryn Hornwood

Whispering Woods

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