Weapons in Game of Thrones

Hand Weapons:
Knife: Strength +1L
Sword: Strength +2L
Short Spear: +1L
Axe: Strength +2L
Mace: Strength +2B, Piercing (reduce Armor Soak by 1/2, round down)

Hand and a Half Swords
used one handed- Strength +2
used with both hands- Strength +3

Two Handed Weapons
Halberd/Pike/Longspear: +3 Strength, Reach (Ignore penalty for attacking people with an elevation bonus)
Great Sword: Strength +4L
Great Axe: Strength +4L
Heavy Flail: Strength +4B, piercing

Ranged Weapons:

Crossbow: 4L, Piercing, Range 50 Yards
Hand Crossbow(One Handed): 4L, Piercing, Range 10 Yards

Special Weapon
Lance- Lances are used from horseback, one handed, +4 Strength
Lance (Dismounted)- use as long spear

Valyrian Steel Weapons
Soak rolls against Valyrian steel are on difficulty 8.


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