Timeline of Westeros

A timeline of history in Westeros.

The calender was reset to year 0 following the Targaryen conquest of the seven kingdoms.

0-3: The War of Conquest- Aegon I, conquered the majority of the continent of Westeros and established the Targaryen Dynasty. He built the city of King’s landing and was crowned King of the Seven Kingdoms. His throne was made of athousandswords of defeated foes, the Iron Throne. While his army was small, he controlled three great dragons. He raised many of the soldiers of his army to positions of nobility.
(Houses with Age 3, were granted their titles following the conquest, but before the “Dance of Dragons”)

  • House Aquila is founded.
    129-131: The Dance of Dragons- The first major civil war in the Targaryen Dynasty. This war saw to the extinction of Dragons, and majority of the Targaryen line.
    (Houses with Age 2 were founded after the Dance of Dragons, but before Robert’s Rebellion)

157-161: Daeron I conquers Dorne- Daeron I conquers and subsequently loses Dorne in an uprising. He dies during the conflict.

195-196: The Blackfyre Rebellion -The 2nd major civil war, the Blackfyre Rebellion begins. Launched by Targaryen bastards, the Blackfyre Rebellion would spawn several later civil wars.

237 Births
* Barristan Selmy is born

240 Births
* Trevar Shroud is born

242 Births
* Tywin Lannister is born

259-261: The War of the Ninepenny Kings Last of the Blackfyre civil wars. The Ninepenny war was largely fought abroad on the isles called the Stepstones.
259-261 Births
* Davos Seaworth is born

262 Births

263 Births
* Robert Baratheon is Born

264 Births
* Stannis Baratheon is Born

266 Births
* Cersei Lannister is Born
* Jaime Lannister is Born

277 Births
* Renly Baratheon is born

278 Births
* Saris Shroud is Born

280 Births
* Robb Stark is Born
282-283: Robert’s Rebellion Robert Baratheon of the Stormlands, Eddard Stark of the North, and John Arryn of the Vale rebel against Aerys II. House Tully of the Riverlands supports Robert. Mace Tyrell of the Reach and Tywin Lannister of the Westerlands declare in support of House Targaryen. Balon Greyjoy of the Iron Islands and House Martell of Dorne remain neutral. When Robert’s victory is almost certain Tywin Lannister switches side, and sacks the city of King’s Landing.
(Houses with Age 1 were founded during or after Robert’s Rebellion)
282-283 Births
* Loras Tyrell is born

284 Births
* Joffery Baratheon is born

289: Greyjoy Rebellion Balon Greyjoy declares independence from the Iron Throne. He is defeated by Eddard Stark, King Robert I, and Stannis Baratheon.

298: The War of Five Kings begins

Timeline of Westeros

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