The Second Generation

The following are notes for both the GM and the players for the events of the last 25 years during the generational leap.


The War of the Five Kings has stalled for the last 25 years.

The Agros Rebellion stalled Renly Baratheon’s campaign against his brother, Stannis. With the original campaign confounded by the Rebellion, the first several pushes to take Dragonstone failed, and though the island eventually fell to Randyll Tarly and his forces, Stannis himself was able to escape to the Vale, where he is now being sheltered by Lysa Arryn in The Eyrie.

Robb Stark and his army pushed down and were able to take Lannisport and Casterly Rock, the ancestral seat of the Lannisters. This push was answered by an advance by Tywin Lannister’s forces, who took Riverrun. With The Neck lost, Robb Stark and his forces were trapped in the Westerlands with little ability to create a full muster. Cut off from their king and struggling through an uprising by the Karstarks, most of The North is in full blown civil war, while Balon Greyjoy and his Ironborn forces have taken much of The North’s western coastline, including Moat Cailin.

Additionally, Lannister forces led by Frederick Flowers attacked The Reach, heavily disrupting activity in the northern parts of The Reach and splitting Renly’s forces once more. Thus, Renly now has ground armies in three major points, defending The Reach from Lannister raids, defending the pass to Dorne, and defending Storm’s End. It also has a standing force on the occupied fortress of Dragonstone.

Lannister forces are holding most of the ground areas of the Crownlands and the Riverlands, along with some parts of The Reach and The Westerlands. The Starks hold most of the North and the Westerlands. The Greyjoys control the Iron Island and parts of the North. The Vale and Dorne remain independent.

The Fates of the Kings

Joffrey Baratheon, now 40, has proven an incompetent, if ruthless, king. He remains unmarried, though he is rumored to have many bastards from different women, which has left the heir to the throne uncertain after the mysterious and tragic death of Joffrey’s brother, Tommen. Tywin Lannister, now well into his 80s, remains his Hand of the King and Joffrey’s mother, Cersei, remains one of his key political advisors. Frederick Flowers is now Lord Commander of the Kingsguard after the death of Jaime Lannister.

Robb Stark, King in the North and self-proclaimed Lord of Casterly Rock, is married to a foreign noblewoman named Talisa Maegyr. They have two children, Eddard and Eliza. All survived an attempted massacre at the hands of the traitorous Roose Bolton. While the system the Northmen use does not have official stations, such as Hand of the King, Robb surrounds himself with strong advisors, including the Smalljon Umber and Rickon Stark. The rebellion in the North is led by Roose Bolton and the Karstark family, who seek retribution for the family members that Robb executed for the murder of Jaime Lannister.

Renly Baratheon, occasionally called the Storm King, is still married to Margaery Tyrell and the Tyrells are still key allies in Renly’s camp. They have one child, Mace, and Margaery is pregnant with their second child. Renly’s complicated system of advisors has been mostly successful under the leadership of Renly’s hand, Gregor Bannatyne, better known as the Greatbeard. His numbers took a boost from some of Stannis’s forces after their eventual conquest of Dragonstone, but the armies are fighting on so many different fronts that he’s been unable to press his advantage in numbers.

Stannis Baratheon escaped the conquest of Dragonstone with Melisandre of Asshai and a few other loyal retainers. He fled to the Vale of Arryn, where he is now being sheltered by Lysa Arryn, after the arranged marriage of Robin Arryn, Lysa’s son, and Shireen Baratheon, Stannis’s daughter. Sheltered and defended in the nigh-impregnable Eyrie, much of Stannis’s current actions are shrouded in mystery.

Balon Greyjoy, the self-proclaimed King of Salt and Rock largely forgotten by the other kings, has been uncharacteristically patient. His forces lead disruptive raids against the Stark and Lannister hosts and occasionally even the Baratheon forces in The Reach. After Tywin’s conquest of Riverrun, Balon pressed the advantage and conquered much of the western coast of the North, including the key strategic fortress of Moat Cailin. With all three of his sons dead or missing, his wife dead and old age looming, Balon’s favored heir is his daughter, but two of his brothers oppose that claim, leaving the future of the throne unclear.

The Fates of the Player Houses

House Matteson was divided after the Agros Rebellion with the second son, Edmund, being given his own land and title. After the death of the current Lord, Hagen Matteson became Lord and married Edith Crawley, second daughter of Robert Crawley. They have no children. Hagen himself has distanced himself from Edmund’s new House, but his achievements have spread across the Stormlands. He served as Minister of the Hunt for some time after Varian Stormwind’s fall from grace before accepting a field command in the Dornish Marches. He now serves as Minister of Opinion after the death of Grunval Ghannam. Lester Matteson, an avid military historian, lives with the Mattesons with his wife, Laela Anzo, and their children.

Edmund Matteson and Gabrielle Aquila head House Blackadder, the offshoot House of House Matteson. Edmund has served as field commander multiple times in his career and is now serving as Master of War. Gabrielle, who has proven a loyal, if slightly unstable, wife, lives at the Valley Forge raising the couple’s daughters. She is well known for pitting her daughters against one another and visitors in various competitions to “build their character” – the contests vary from simple things like sewing or archery, to the wild and the bizarre, like egg-and-spoon races and magic shows.

Silas Shroud, the only legitimate son of Trevar Shroud, who died of the Red Pox, now heads House Shroud. Un-extraordinary in every way, Silas has done a manageable job with his father’s estate, but the House is undoubtedly bleeding money. He married Lana Brownel, a beautiful girl from a vassal house many years his junior, but their marriage is unloving and cold. Silas has officially backed the entire might of House Shroud behind King Renly and declared his sister, Selene, who is known to have sided with Stannis, a traitor to the House. She has not been seen or heard from in nearly twenty years. In her last letter to her sister, Saris, she mentioned her marriage to Cervantes de Leon, Lord of the Chain Islands.

House Agros has been completely disbanded. The would-be heir, Kavron Agros, forsook his inheritance to join the Kingsguard and save his brother, the traitorous Kaegren, from execution. The House, along with all of its possessions, was transferred to the ownership of the newly formed House Blackadder. Cousins and distant relatives quickly married or changed their names to avoid the backlash against the House by its neighbors. Many failed to escape their comeuppance, but even 25 years after the rebellion, only the foolish dare to take the name Agros for their own.

Reinhardt Stormwind became a broken man after the execution of his brother, Varian Stormwind, for treason, which Varian requested his little brother perform. It took Reinhardt three blows to completely sever Varian’s neck. The horrific scene drove Reinhardt to drink in excess and gave him a mild phobia of violence. While he was able to successfully achieve his life’s goal of discovering an agricultural method that allows the growth of grain in the marshy grounds of Stormgarde, Reinhardt has generally decreased House Stormwind’s military might and is a mostly unpopular and ineffective Lord, due mostly to his dependence on alcohol. He married a daughter of a vassal house whom he accidentally violated in a drunken stupor. They have two children, despite the relatively frosty marriage – Ragnar and Keturah. Hildgard, along with her husband Leon Anzo and their two daughters live at House Stormwind. Hildgard, a resourceful and intelligent woman, maintains a lot of the issues of the House when Reinhardt is too uncaring to manage them and Leon is now the general of the Stormwind forces.

House Dinar remains one of the wealthiest Houses in the Stormlands. Its current Lord, Thorin Dinar, inherited the estate after the deaths of his father and grandfather in the last fifteen years. His wife, Saris Shroud, has borne him eight children, including his heir Thorgrim. Thorin himself served as Master of Coin until he inherited House Dinar, at which point he left the position to his wife and left for Goldengate to fix some of the issues his forefathers had left behind. His leadership has proven profitable for House Dinar and their influence in the Stormlands has only grown over the past 25 years.

The Second Generation

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