House Dinar

Liege Lord: Lord Renly Baratheon of Storm’s End
Seat: Golden Gate
Colors: Gold and Silver
Sigil: 12 golden coins on a silver field
Age: 500 years old.

Lord: Thorin Dinar
Lady: Saris Shroud
Heir: Thorgrim Dinar
Lord’s Children: Athna, Dravilia, Natalya, Thorgrim, the twin boys Fili and Kili, Stelia, and Belana.

Recognized Bastards: None

Vassal Houses:

  • Cavazos- Black Hammer on an Iron Field- Iron and Black
  • Clark- White feather on a criss crossed field of brown and black- Brown and Black

House Dinar is one of the richest houses in the Stormlands, and is famous for her mineral wealth, and craftsmen.
Primary Exports: Iron, Steel, Swords, woodwork
Primary Imports: Foodstuff

The Dale: House Dinar rules a lonely mountain, a small town by a lake, and a considerable stretch of the Kingswood. Two decades of dealing with border raiders have increased the experience and skill of House Dinar’s infantry, but seen a slow drain on their treasury.

Family among Great Houses: House Shroud are currently closely related through Saris Shroud. Her brother Silas Shroud is the Lord of the House. House Dinar is more distantly related to House Noire, although the two houses aren’t particularly close.

Military: Population 2, Logistics 1, Fortifications 3
Culture: Renown 3, Respectability 2, Age 3
Government: Resolve 2, Efficiency 3, Wealth 5

Possession: Craftsmen 3, Exotics 1, Grain, Keep 3, Landmarks 1, Meat 1, Mercenaries, Materials 3, Roads/ports 1, Tradesmen

Populous: Artillery 2, Awareness 1, Cavalry, Education, Foreigners, Guilds 1, Health 1, Infantry 5, Naval, Religion

Nobility: Bureaucracy 1, Heroes 1, Knighthoods 1, Leadership 2, Loyalty 1, Maesters, Marriages 1, Network, Socialize 1, Treasury 3

Merits and Flaws:
Mountainous: No Cavalry +2

Compassion: 2
Conviction: 4
Temperance: 1
Courage: 3

Willpower: 7

Generation 2 Family tree

House Dinar

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