House Aquila


Liegelord: Renly Baratheon of Storm’s End.
Seat: The Conquered Keep.
Colors: Black and crimson.
Sigil: A crimson eagle on a black field, with drops of blood falling from its wings.
Words: “Pillage, then burn.”
Age: Founded at the beginning of the Targaryen dynasty.

Vassal Houses: Wallace, Khan.

Primary Export: Meat.
Primary Import: Exotics.

The Conquered Keep is an imposing and ancient fortress taken by Aquila’s ancestors during the War of Conquest. While it does not have a city or trading post under its control, the Keep is surrounded by farmlands, which grow some grain, but are mostly livestock farms. The lands of House Aquila are occasionally called the Slaughterhouse of the Stormlands, due to the vast amount of meat that is harvested in the region.

Members of the noble Aquila line normally have black hair and skin, but their most recognizable feature is their blood red eyes.


House Aquila

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