Generational Leap


During a generational leap, all current PCs will be retired and the players will create new characters of a new generation and the children of other members of the party. The narrative will skip ahead 18 or more years in time each time a generation leap occurs and the members of the party will rotate houses in the following order:

Travis —> Jorge —> Sean —> John —> Travis.

The current PCs will all immediately age the appropriate number of years. If a marriage does not occur in the game, the PC will have married a lesser lord or lady of little renown. All will gain a fixed amount of experience per year. If this time skip would make the PC hit the age of 50 or older, then they will immediately stop gaining experience and make the check to see how long they will continue living with each success of their stamina roll adding another 5 years of healthy life. NPC members of the family will make similar checks.

Houses will gain experience points based on how well they succeeded during the game session. The children of female PCs will be born into the house of the husband, not the PC House. The children of non-heir PCs will be born to vassal houses with slightly lower stats than main houses, unless they are granted full lands by the King, in which case a new house will be created.

The new PCs, the children, will be created entirely by the their players with full statistics, but with several notable exceptions. Their last name will be determined by their father’s house and their PC parent will generate a list of 5 first names for them to choose from. Gender will be chosen by the new player. In appearance, the new PC will be as the player chooses, but he will inherit at least one key trait depending on their PC parent’s House. More can be inherited at the wish of the player. The age of the new PC will be determined by player’s choice with the limits of when their parents got married. Everything else is as normal.

The new PC’s siblings are rolled by the parent PC. A d4 is rolled to determine that player’s children: 1 is the PC, the rest are siblings. The siblings’ genders are determined by an even or odd roll.


Jorge’s character, the 26-year-old Varian Stormwind, marries Anna Bates, a 22-year-old second daughter of a minor Reach House. During a generational leap, Varian and his wife immediately age 18 years, making him 44 years of age. Varian will gain 18 years of experience.

Varian’s child will be played by Travis, so Travis begins the basic work of creating a new character. The character concept and creation, including gender, merits and flaws, will be entirely done by Travis, who needs no approval from Jorge for any part of it, but the two players may consult on the new character’s upbringing. Jorge will provide Travis a list of 5 names, based on Travis’ chosen gender, and Travis chooses one from among them – Travis picks Arthas, and so Travis’ new character will be named Arthas Stormwind and will inherit the stormy gray eyes from his father’s family. Any epithets are up to Travis.

Varian then rolls a d4 and rolls a 3. So, Varian Stormwind and his wife have had Arthas and two other children. Travis takes on the role of Arthas Stormwind and play resumes.

Generational Leap

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