Diamond Tower


Diamond Tower is the Home of the Master of Coin. It’s lower levels are filled with countless offices for clerks, and the shelves are filled with scrolls and reports of all kinds.

The tower rises some 60 feet high and is of considerable girth although it narrows as it rises.

Lower levels

Basement: Considerably smaller than the floors immediately above it.

  • Armory, Basic- Enough weapons and armor to comfortably outfit fifty men.
  • Storage, Basic- A Basic storageroom with shelves and aisles for walking, sensibly packed.
1st level:
  • Office Basic X6
  • StorageFancyX2

2nd level: the second level holds the Offices of the Ministers and the Master of the Coin.

  • Office Basic; Minister of Prospects
  • Office Fancy; Minister of Trade
  • Office Fancy; Minister of Forge
  • Office Luxury; Master of Coin

Higher levels: The upper levels are the home of the Master, noble guests, and servants.

Level 3

  • Servants quarters
  • Common Room- A sitting room for The Master of Coin and any guests.

Level 4:

  • Bedroom Suite Basic X2

Level 5:

  • Bedroom Suite Fancy X1

Level 6:

  • Bedroom Suite Luxury X1- Master Room

Diamond Tower

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