Battle of the Green Fork

An early battle in the War of the Five Kings, the battle occurs along the Green Fork of the river Trident in the Riverlands.


House Stark vs House Lannister

Stark Forces
General: Roose Bolton
Notable Commanders: Halys Hornwood, Harrion Karstark, Medger Cerwyn, Ser Wylis Manderly
Troops: 16,000 men. Entire Stark Infantry force, six hundred cavalrymen.

Lannister Forces
General: Tywin Lannister
Notable Commanders: Ser Kevan Lannister, Ser Gregor Clegane, Ser Addam Marbrand
Troops: 20,300 men. 7,500 Cavalry, 12,500 Infantry, 300 Mountain clansmen.

Summary: Tywin Lannister manages to trap a large portion of the Stark army against the river.

Result: Tywin Lannister wins the Battle but withdraws to the fortress of Harrenhal. Placing his army between the Riverlands and Crownlands. Bolton retreats back up towards the Neck, then moves back south into the riverlands.


House Stark
Troop losses: 4,000 men
Deceased important Nobles: Halys Hornwood, Medger Cerwyn
Captured important Nobles: Harrion Karstark, Wylis Manderly

House Lannister
Troop losses: 1,000 Men. 150 clansmen.
Deceased Nobles: N/A
Captured Nobles: N/A

Battle of the Green Fork

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