Aging, Sex, Children

Character’s grow old and die. While this is rarely a problem in active gameplay, over the course of downtime an aging character can become a liability.
Characters are old at age 50: The character no longer gains experience points.
Aging and Death: Roll a Stamina check; each success adds 1 decade to the characters lifespan. In the final decade the character loses one dot every year from his physical attributes until he reaches 0 in one category and dies. If the Stamina roll is botched, re-roll but the character immediately loses a mental attribute for each botch point.
Example: Saris shroud has Str 2, Dex 4, Stamina 4. When she turns fifty she rolls a stamina check, and gets 2 successes. She would take no penalties until she turns 70, then would lose a physical attribute dot each year, she would die of old age sometime in her 78th year.

Orgies, parties, wild bouts, quickies: Roll Stamina + Athletics. No skill is involved, so it’s mostly a matter of endurance, each success = 1 hour OR Better results.
Sex: Roll Appearance + Seduction, add the successes of the two partners then divide by two round up. More successes = better :)

Men: Men do not roll for children.

Women: During active gameplay test for pregnancy once each season that the character was involved in either an “orgy” or sex. Roll 1D10, on a roll of 10 the woman is pregnant.
Modifiers: ( a roll of 10 is always pregnant, a roll of 1 is always no pregnancy)

  • Stamina 1= -1
  • Stamina 3= +1
  • Stamina 4= +2
  • Stamina 5= +3
  • (Potential Father with highest Stamina Only) Father’s Stamina: 1= -1, 4-5=+1
  • Maiden Tea = -1
  • GM appropriate Modifiers

Example: Saris Shroud has sex with Blank, who has a stamina of 4. at the end of the season she rolls 1D10, she has a stamina of 4 for +2, and the father has a stamina of 4 for another +1. If the Roll is 7-10, Saris would be pregnant.
Note Twins: if the character rolls a zero she is pregnant, roll again if she gets another “success” its twins. Chaining tens can lead to triplets…or beyond. Child’s gender is determined by another 1d10 roll. Evens is a girl, odds a boy.

Note: Uncertain father, If the woman slept with multiple men and becomes pregnant, the fathers perform a roll off. The Roll is a straight stamina check. Most successes “wins”.

Aging, Sex, Children

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