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  • Ser Vallon Kumo

    Loud, boisterous and full of life, Ser Vallon's immense strength is overshadowed by his bad behavior and obsession with style. His brothers are fond of saying that there aren't whores or wine in all of Westeros to satisfy their brother's enormous appetite.

  • Ser Rene Kumo

    Never wavering in his faith to the Seven, Rene never enters combat without a prayer and only does so on the rarest of occasions. While capable with a blade, since his knighthood, Rene has become consumed by his faith and is now almost entirely pacifistic.

  • Niklaus of Pyke

    Niklaus is a commoner from the Iron Islands, who entered the Maester's academy after earning the respect of a Ironborn lord (a story he rarely tells, but which resulted in the loss of his left eye). He is now assigned to House Kumo, where he is a close …

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