Thorin Dinar

Money wielded by a warrior's mind.


Thorin is the son of Thrain Dinar and Martessa Noire. His grandfather is Thror Dinar. His grandfather’s bastard, Ser Balin Storm, is Thorin’s most trusted advisor and closest friend, despite the gap in years.

His wife is Saris Shroud and they have eight children. Athna, Dravilia, Natalya, Thorgrin, Fili, Kili, Stelia, and Belana.


Thorin Dinar is born to a nation of monied men. His bedroom, from the time he was born, was cloaked in gold and trimmed in the finest jewels. But, while everyone around him, his parents, his grandparents, saw beauty in all of the excess, Thorin saw waste.

Money makes the world go round and Thorin understands that better than anyone, but unlike the rest of his House, Thorin cares about the practical purpose of money, rather than money itself. His armor is expensive because it is very good armor, not because it is gilded with gold leaf and encrusted in rubies.

He tends to be blunt in conversation and quick to criticize weakness. However, he is also quick to give praise when he believes it to be due.

Thorin Dinar

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