Stannis Baratheon

Lord of ships and the want-to-be king.


Birth: 264
The King on Dragonstone.

He is married to Selyse Florent, and has one child with her, Shireen Baratheon, a clever young girl who was cruelly struck with greyscale. His older brother was King Robert Baratheon; his younger is Renly Baratheon.


Efficient, just and fair, Stannis Baratheon has all the qualities of a king, but none of a king’s charisma – he is plain in appearance and most often comes off as unkind or cruel to those talking to him. He is also known for his seamanship ability and newfound religious conversion to the faith of Rh’llor.

He escaped to the Eyrie in the Vale after the Final Battle for Dragonstone.

Stannis Baratheon

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