Silas Shroud

Lord of the Black Tower - by right, not ability.


Height: 5’5"
Born: 281

Youngest legitimate child and heir to Trevar Shroud and Natalya Mills. His elder sisters are Saris Shroud and Selene Shroud.

He married a beautiful girl from a vassal house, Lana Brownel, but their marriage is unloving and cold. He has one son, Valter.


Silas had a rough childhood and nearly died several times due a serious allergy to the bites of the pests that swarm across Grayfalls. This, along with his natural inability, has led him to become a forgettable young man with few talents to speak of. This has earned him the ire of his father, who often sees his son as unworthy of his title.

He fought in the Tournament of the Hand of the King.

Silas Shroud

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