Ser Vladimir Aquila, the Black Duke

A champion rider of horses and women.


Lord of the Conquered Keep.

He is currently married to his third wife, Genevieve St. Clair. He has four children: Keiri Aquila; Gabrielle Aquila; Ser Azhan Aquila, the Blood Eagle; and Catherine Aquila. He has recognized one bastard son: Ser Pierre Storm, the Bleeding Bastard. He is rumored to have many other bastard children.


The Black Duke was a champion jouster in his youth and still is a formidable opponent into his later years. He is ambitious, lecherous and relentless in his drive to get what he wants.

He was murdered in his bedchambers by Ser Kaegren Agros and Ser Varian Stormwind, the Thunderer at the start of the Agros Rebellion.

His legacy has been ensured as his son, Azhan, took his epithet as his own and modeled his armor and appearance on his father’s.

Ser Vladimir Aquila, the Black Duke

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