Ser Vallon Kumo

Lover of brawls, taverns and whores... in that order.


He is sometimes called the Wild Star.

His parents are Anthony Kumo and Janna Tyrell. He is one of their triplet sons, that are together referred to as the Three Stars: his brothers are Anton Kumo and Rene Kumo. He is married to Alyce Redwyne, his “little wife”.

He has three children – Algrim, Connor and Jonathan. He was killed by Frederick Flowers in the Reach.


Loud, boisterous and full of life, Ser Vallon’s immense strength is overshadowed by his bad behavior and obsession with style. His brothers are fond of saying that there aren’t whores or wine in all of Westeros to satisfy their brother’s enormous appetite.

Ser Vallon Kumo

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