Ser Trevar Shroud


Height: 5’9", Blue eyes, grey hair, thick mustache.
Born: 240
Son of Sivart Shroud and Stelia Baratheon. Married to Natalya Mills. He has three true born children, Saris, Selene, and Silas. He has four bastard children, Elsa, Cate, Errin, and Trevar Shroud.

He is the 2nd Cousin of Stannis and Renly Baratheon.

He died of the Red Pox in 310, leaving the Black Tower and house Shroud to his only son, Silas.


The Lord of the Black Tower.
He fought in the Ninepenny War, Robert’s Rebellion, and the Greyjoy Rebellion, and is quick to brag about being on the winning side of all three.

He slew Lord Agros during the Siege of Storm’s End during the Agros Rebellion.

Ser Trevar Shroud

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