Ser Robert Crawley

An old-fashioned man, caught in a changing world.


Ser Robert Crawley is married to a merchant’s daughter, Cora Grantham Levinson, a foreign family through which he inherited most of his estate’s wealth. He has three daughters: Mary, Edith and Sybil. Due to all of his children being daughters, the heir of his seat, Downton, is uncertain.

He was slain by Ser Kreagor Agros at the start of the Agros Rebellion.


Ser Robert Crawley was squire to Steffon Baratheon during the Ninepenny Wars, during which he provided exemplary service. After the war ended, Steffon rewarded his service by sizably increasing the lands of his minor estate. He once again served the Baratheons during Robert’s Rebellion and was made responsible for the protection of Renly, who was then only a child. Now, he is one of the older men in the camp, but is as loyal and dutiful as ever.

Ser Robert Crawley

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