Ser Noac Bagheera, the Fearless

A knight in shining armor for all the Reach.


Often called Noac the Fearless or the Fearless Knight. Whenever someone asks how he got this moniker, Noac politely brushes them off: “I was honored for a deed that any Ser would have done, so let us not glorify it further.”

He is the only child of Ludo Bagheera and Rachel Tourmaline.

He married a lady from one of his vassal houses, Niah Strix. They have one child, Gideon.


Noac is one of the great knights of the Reach. He is well known for his unflappable courage, dashing good looks and unfaltering devotion to his chivalric way of life. His armor, almost as famous as him, has a helmet carved into the shape of a perfectly calm panther’s head.

He fought in the Tournament of the Hand of the King.

Ser Noac Bagheera, the Fearless

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