Jeremus Corax, the Silver Huntsman

Old beyond his years; fast beyond belief.


Lord of Stillgrove.

He was married to Luciana Lux, before her untimely death. He has no natural-born children, but he does have one baseborn daughter, Saline Storm. His brother and heir is Ser Nero Corax. His disgraced youngest brother is Bjorn Corax.

He died at the Final Battle for Dragonstone.


Cold and distant at best, Jeremus is known for caring more about his dog, Erebus, than everyone else in the world. A fast and tricky fighter, Jeremus has never performed well in tournaments, but rarely disappoints elsewhere.

Jeremus wields a Valyrian steel short sword known as Huntress. Its sheath is longer than its blade, making it deceptively quick on the draw.

Jeremus Corax, the Silver Huntsman

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