Selene Shroud

She who sees through all falsehood.


Born: 279
Daughter of Trevar Shroud and Natalya Mills. Her older sister is Saris Shroud, her younger brother is Silas Shroud.

She was engaged to Steffon Seaworth, which was broken off by his death. She married Cervantes de Leon, then fled North to the Eyrie with Stannis Baratheon. Her brother has declared her a traitor to her House and to the Crown.


Saris is famous for her golden eyes, but Selene is the one who knows how to use hers – they are constantly darting about the place and seem to twitch in their socket whenever they are forced to remain still. She is impossibly perceptive and uses this gift with fierce intelligence. She has a tense relationship with her sister, and the two have little in common, but they are bound together by a shared affection for their little brother, Silas.

Selene Shroud

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