Randyll Tarly


He is married to Melessa Florent. He has five children: Samwell, who recently chose to take the black; Talla, Dickon and two other daughters. He is in his mid 40s.

Randyll Tarly is a bald man with a rough gray beard. He has several thin scars across his face. His age is apparent, but he still has an aura of power.

In battle, he wields the famous Valyrian steel greatsword of House Tarly named Heartsbane, which has the words of House Tarly carved in blood red runes along its blade.

He was horrifically maimed, burned and blinded by the foul magicks of Melisandre during the Final Battle for Dragonstone.


An iron-willed and shrewd man, Randyll Tarly is considered one of the finest soldiers and greatest battle commanders in all of Westeros. He is renowned for inflicting the only defeat against Robert Baratheon during the entire of his bloody rebellion against the Targaryen crown.

Randyll Tarly

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