Natalya Dinar


Born: 304 (19 in Gen 2)
Description: Short, Natalya is barely five feet tall. She has short dark hair and her father’s dark eyes. She almost always has a cheerful grin across her face. She has the Dinar stocky build, and an ample bosom.

Daughter of Thorin Dinar andSaris Shroud. Her elder sisters are Athna and Dravilia, and her younger siblings are Thorgrin, Fili, Kili, Stellia, and Belana. Niece of Silas Shroud.


Natalya is a flamboyant and cheerful girl. She’s as subtle as an earthquake, but is quick to laugh and enthusiastic in her outlook. She took to riding and soldiering early.

Her armor is notably impractical with exaggerated effeminate features; such as an exaggerated breastplate and an exaggerated thin waist and hips. (4 soak, -3 Mobility Penalty)

Her squire is a peasant girl.

Natalya Dinar

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