Mary Crawley

The pale maiden of Downton.


Her parents are Ser Robert Crawley and Cora Grantham Levinson, a foreign merchant’s daughter. She has two younger sisters: Edith and Sybil. Despite being the eldest child of her family, she is not the heir to the estate due to Westeros’ strict inheritance rules, despite her mother’s constant complaining.

She ended up marrying Matthew Crawley, her distant cousin and the heir to the Crawley estate after the death of her father. They have one child, George.


Known for her slender figure and pale skin, Mary Crawley would be quite a catch if it weren’t for her cold personality and her streak of independence. Rumors abound that she has been despoiled by a visiting foreigner, though all of the Crawleys insist these are nothing but foul gossip.

Mary Crawley

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