Malcolm of Grayfalls

Brown Coat


Instead of introducing himself as Malcolm of Grayfalls, he tends to shorten his name to Malcolm Gray. This practice is frowned upon by most nobles, especially Ser Trevar, though Saris doesn’t seem to mind.

Height: 6’2", White, sailor’s tan, brown hair.
Born: 267

Equipment: Malcolm disdains heavy armor and wears only a buff coat. (+1 Soak) he carries a short sword and a hand crossbow.


A peasant born in Serenity Valley, one of the small valleys located about twenty or so miles north of Grayfalls. He wanted to see the world so he left the family farm and became a sailor in House Shroud‘s Navy. He fought in the Greyjoy Rebellion, and at some point his faith changed enough for him to be labeled a heretic. He often serves as Saris Shroud’s sergeant and the middle man between her and other commoners.

He struck a fast friendship with Kager Storm. After the Final Battle for Dragonstone, he married Cate Storm and left the service of House Shroud becoming a smuggler approved by the crown along his ship, a gift from Saris, the Serenity.

Malcolm of Grayfalls

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