Lester Matteson

A young noble who looks up to his older brother


Age: 36
Height: 5’10
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

He is married to Laela Anzo, and has two children, Barristan and Morathi. He is an avid miltary historian and chronicler.


Lester is the last son of Ser Werner Matteson and Lena Wallace. His mother died during his childbirth. Young and brash, Lester yearns for the call of battle once he becomes a man. Although both of his elder brothers keep him in line and teaches him discipline, Lester looks up to Sir Edward Matteson since he is more accomplished than his eldest brother Hagan. During a sparing session with Edward, he took a blow to the neck that required stitches. Now fresh with his first battle scar, he diligently trains at Vigilance Keep under his fathers tutelage.

Lester Matteson

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