Karon Storm

Illegitimate sister to Kavron and Kaegren Agros


Born: 272 (Gen 1: 26, Gen 2: 51 NOTE: OLD, she has failed her aging roll and is set to die in 329)
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Build: Curvy

Appearance: Karon has dark red hair and green eyes with gold flecks to match her twin brother Kager. She often wears dresses that flatter her bossom and hips, yet somehow do not restrict her movement. She carries herself with dignity and grace, and maintains superb posture at all times.

She married Daniel of Valley Forge, a miller. She has 3 children, Philip, Amy, and Cindy. Who are all commoners.


The only daughter born unto House Agros in the past two generations, she is the twin sister of Kager Storm. She is the only daughter born of the ill-fated union of Lady Mori Stonehelm and Lord Kraegor Agros.

Much like her brother she learned at an early age the world will treat her with distain for being born a bastard, but her family will never treat her any different than those of legitimacy. While she herself could never inherit under the law, she decided to support House Agros’ efforts for greatness.

As such, she dedicated herself to the trade and financial management of House Agros, despite her lackluster skills. Through her dedication, she has aided her mother and father in the growth of House Agros.

In recent months, since the birth of her nephew Kragon, she has found herself caring for the child a great deal as Kaegren’s duties often require him to be away from the keep for days or weeks at a time. She finds a great deal of happiness in this undertaking and has found herself quite taken with the child.

After being pardoned by Edmund Matteson, she married a miller in Valley Forge and now lives as a peasant in the city. She raised Kanyon Storm until he was eight years old, and entrusted him to Ser Antonio the Useless.

Karon Storm

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