Karliah Runemound

A victim of The Redpox.


Born 256, died 311 to Redpox
Height: 5’3"
Weight: 115 lbs
Build: Slender

Appearance: Once known as one of the most beautiful women in the Stormlands, Karliah Runemound had breathtaking blue eyes and light brown, full length hair. Her figure was more slight than other women of her house, but impressive none the less. She was commonly found wearing long flowing dresses of the finest linens and well crafted jewelry. The Agros Rebellion left her a broken shell of a woman.

Pardoned by Edmund Matteson, she left Valley Forge and spent the remainder of her life in Storm’s End.


A strong woman of a minor house in the Reach, Karliah Runemound is the youngest daughter of Lord Brock Runemound and sister of Lord Bradford Runemound, current Lord of House Runemound.

She has been a dutiful wife and mother over the years, gifting Lord Agros with two fine sons, Kavron and Kaegren. Upon marriage to Lord Agros she immediately took on the role of mother to the then three year old Kager and Karon Storm, and has never once considered them anything less than her own children.

Once a visiting relative of House Runemound made an off color comment that bastards are the worst kind of commoner. Her rage was so profound, Karliah disowned the woman, named her an enemy of the House, and had her banished from the keep under penalty of public flogging. Since that day, the common people have taking to calling her Karliah the Kind.

During her marriage to Lord Agros she has become a shrewd diplomat and a fine rider. It was her idea to comission a Maester for house Agros. Within a year of the Maeters arrival, Lord Agros passed the Litterarum Paternum.

Karliah Runemound

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