Kager Storm

Illegitimate brother to Kavron and Kaegren Agros


Age: 26, born 272
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 205 lbs
Build: Athletic

Appearance: Has dark red hair and green eyes with gold flecks. He wears his thick hair long and prefers it a bit unkempt. He can normally be seen wearing half plate armor beneath a well made tunic. Is never without his sword, shield, and medicant pouch.

He now serves upon Serenity, the ship of Malcolm of Grayfalls after being pardoned for his actions during the Agros Rebellion. As part of his punishment, he lost two of his fingers on each hand.


Eldest son to Lord Kraegor and the deceased Lady Mori. Older brother to his twin sister Karon, and two legitimate half brothers Kavron and Kaegren.

The Lady Mori was a beautiful woman of noble birth, born into House Stonehelm. When her father promised her to Lord Baldric of Mysthouse she ran away and took refuge in the lands of House Agros who was no friend to Lord Baldric. During her time there she came to love Kraegor the eldest son of Lord Agros. Less than a year later, Kager and his twin sister Karon were born. Lord Agros made many attempts during the pregnancy to have the marriage contract dissolved by the King, but was unsuccessful before the birth of Kager and his sister Karon. Their mother fell asleep after their birth and never awoke.

As a member of House Agros, Kager was raised as any other child of Lord Kraegor. While in the eyes of the law he cannot inherit the title of Lord, he will never be excluded from the respect and honor bestowed upon his house.

He eventually came to realize he is no different in his families eyes than any legitimate born heir. At a relatively early age he decided to serve his father as a soldier and medicant and has forever earned the respect of his family.

He has struck a fast friendship with Malcolm Gray.

Kager Storm

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