Ser Jonah Lux

The burning knight, filled with vengeance and hate.


Sometimes called the Burning Knight. His armor is made of glimmering gold and is hot to the touch.

Jonah Lux is the Lord of Luxia and the husband of Olivia Bright. He has two children, Adric and Adria. Like all members of House Lux, he possesses bright, striking eyes that flicker in their intensity like torchlight.

He died in battle shortly after the death of his longtime foe, Jeremus Corax.


Jonah Lux is a man with vicious charisma, fueled by his desire for total vengeance. As a boy, he was completely devoted to his sister, Luciana, who was beautiful, kind and strong. She was killed in a hunting accident shortly after she was married to Jeremus Corax. Jonah blamed Corax and swore an ancient oath of vengeance towards him.

A master of horsemanship, Jonah learned to ride before he could walk and rides into battle on his massive, pure-white warhorse named Zenith.

Ser Jonah Lux

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