Jacques Saint-Clair


His parents are both deceased. His siblings are Astoria Saint-Clair, Amelia Saint-Clair, and Dreya Saint-Clair.

He is in his late 20s, and since he was warded and raised in Dorne, the thick accent and darker skin of the Dornish people, though he still has the bright red hair typical of House Saint-Clair.

He is unmarried, but has three bastard children with various paramours. His three bastards are Luc Flowers, Nico Flowers and Ilyana Storm.


Raised in Dorne from a young age, Jacques Saint-Clair is a man torn between the distinct cultures of the Reach and Dorne. This biculturalism is best seen in his combat tendencies, where he uses the spear typical of Dornish warriors and the shield of the chivalric knight of the Reach.

He is extremely close to all three of his sisters, claiming they share an absolute bond of trust. They have a strange habit of sharing the same quarters even when they are offered separate ones.

Jacques Saint-Clair

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