Hilgard Stormwind

First daughter and youngest child of Anduin Stormwind


Hilgard’s parents are Ser Anduin Stormwind andTiffin Hightower. Her elder brothers are Varian Stormwind and Reinhart Stormwind. She is fourteen years old.

Outwardly, Hilgard appears like her mother, tall, slender, and blonde. Inwardly, Hilgard has her fathers spark, drive and passion. Also, she shares her brothers’ and father’s stormy eyes, though hers are more blue than blue-gray.

She is married to Leon Anzo, and they have two daughters – Millie and Marta. They live with Hildgard’s brother Reinhardt and help him manage the failing Stormwind estate.


Hilgard is an energetic young girl who, while wanting to do great deeds, understands little of the true nature of the world. She dotes on her brother, Varian, and often boasts of his greatness to the people she meets. She’s even written a song about him: “Var-Var Rides to Victory!”

Hilgard Stormwind

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