Hagen Matteson

The hugely fat heir to the Vigilant Keep.


Sometimes called Hagen the Fat.

He is unmarried. His father is Ser Werner Matteson. His younger siblings are Ser Edmund Matteson, Magda Matteson, Rook Matteson and Lester Matteson. His mother was Lena Wallace, but she died giving birth to Lester; his father has not remarried.

He is married to Edith Crawley and has no children. He has just been named Hand of the King.


Once quite a capable swordsman and winning some tournaments in his youth, Hagen grew bored of the tournament scene and began to fall out of practice. Several years later, he has gained a significant amount of weight and is mostly known for being fat and lazy. Despite this, he does still carry around his sword per his father’s request and does possess armor that fits him.

Hagen Matteson

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