Gregor Bannatyne, the Greatbeard

An older man, whose strength is still legendary.


Lord of Greenstone. He is often called Ser Greatbeard, despite not actually possessing the title.

He is married to Anabel Lilac, though the marriage is quite recent. They have six children, the oldest of which is the 7-year-old Robert Bannatyne; the other five children remain in Greenstone with their mother.

He died of old age, leaving his son Robert as Lord of House Bannatyne.


He walked into battle behind King Robert himself, carrying a warclub the size of a small tree. He is a jolly man, quick to laughter, but is grieved by the death of King Robert who was a close friend. He is best known for the challenge he sends to every corner of Westeros: beat the Greatbeard at an armwrestling contest and he will shave off his beard and pay the victor its weight in gold. No one has ever won, and so his beard just keeps on growing.

Gregor Bannatyne, the Greatbeard

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