Gennifer Darkwater

Twice dead...or is she?


Born: 252
A daughter of House Darkwater. She was the sister of the current Lady Darkwater, and was a close cousin to Ser Vladmir Aquila.

Her husband was Eduard Anzo. Their children are Alvar, Azelia, Orland, Kassandra, Leon, Felar and Laela. Although she was only close to her firstborn.

She had the distinctive Aquila Red eyes, with flowing dark hair, and pale skin. She was never accounted a great beauty, for there was something a little too sinister in her smile. Oddly, while she was always described as beautiful by those who gave recounts of her appearance, most who spent time in her presence rarely found her so.

While she was never described as mad… she was certainly eccentric with a sinister bend.


Sometime after her youngest was born, Gennifer fled from Westeros, stopping only briefly in the lands of House Darkwater, taking her eldest son Alvar with her to Essos.

Rumors fly about what happened to them while they were abroad. Eduard declared his wife dead after two years and remarried, but it wasn’t until recent that Alvar returned to Westeros, claiming his mother had died, although he has been light on details of his trip in Essos.

Sometimes called Gennifer twicedead, it’s uncertain if she is alive or not in Essos.

Gennifer Darkwater

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