Garrett Noire

The High Septon for the Stormlands.


The eldest child of the Lords of House Noire, given to the Sept as per the sacred agreement of the House, made many generations ago. Both of his parents are now deceased; his younger brother is Ser Richard Noire, though they are not close.

He is a portly man, with thinning black hair, despite his relative youth. He died of the Red Pox and was replaced as High Septon by his protegee, Rene Kumo.


Garrett is a devout and faithful man, but one who sometimes feels that his life could have spent some other way. He always performs the duties he believes are the most important to his greatest ability, then he shirks the ones he feels are unimportant.

He rarely gets any sleep, and is always tired. He yawns frequently.

Garrett Noire

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