Felicia Blackadder

The Blackadder artist.


Born: 306
Appearance: 2

The daughter of Edmund Blackadder and Gabrielle Aquila. Her elder siblings are Cullen and Lauren, and her younger sister is Emily.

She tends to wear green. She has flowing blond hair and green eyes. She is left handed.

Lineage: Her paternal grandfather was Ser Werner Matteson and her Grandmother was Lena Wallace. Her Uncles are Hagen and Lester Matteson. Her aunt’s are Magda and Rook Matteson. Her cousins by Lester Matteson and Laela Anzo are Barristan and Morathi .

Recently Hagen Matteson is trying to split House Blackadder from House Matteson which would legally remove her entire paternal family from her lineage tree. Felicia is rather upset about it.

Her maternal grandfather is Vladimir Aquila. Her uncle is Azhan Aquila. Her aunts are Keiri and Catherine Aquila. Her cousins by Azhan and Amelia Saint-Clair are Daniel and Annaliese.


Somewhat mild mannered, she likes to sew, knit, paint, and write poetry. Like all the Blackadder children she trained with weapons and is reckoned a fair shot with a bow. She likes to listen to gossip but rarely has any to offer.

Felicia Blackadder

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