Elsa Storm

"What is dead may never die."


“They say she was born the night of a storm. She probably told it to be quiet. It probably did.” – Malcolm of Grayfalls.

Height: 5’9", the Shroud straight dark hair that hangs free, blue eyes. She constantly smells like saltwater and her hair is almost always damp.
Born: 274

The daughter of Trevar Shroud and an innkeeper’s daughter. She is commonly referred to her by her flock as Elsa the Drowned .

She hasGe defected to the side of Balon Greyjoy.


Elsa wasn’t acknowledged as the bastard daughter of Ser Trevar Shroud until her teens. Before that, she made her living as a cabin hand on one of the smuggling vessels coming in and out of Grayfalls. Once, an accident knocked her overboard and she beheld a vision of the Drowned God pulling her from the sea (in reality, it was a ship captain named Malcolm). Ever since, she has become a priestess of the Drowned God within Grayfalls, and has risen quickly through the ranks due to her devotion.

Elsa Storm

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